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St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Parish is a welcoming Christian community which celebrates, embraces and shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with a world hungry for the Word of God in their daily lives.

The Reverend Canon Mark H. Sims

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Saturday at 5 p.m., Holy Eucharist

Sunday at 8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist Rite I

Sunday at 10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist Rite II

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Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., Healing Service and Holy Communion

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Genesis 32:22-31

Romans 9:1-5

Psalm 17:1-7, 16

Matthew 14:13-21


Holy Days and Holidays

Monday · July 28

Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederick Handel, and Henry Purcell (Composers, 1750, 1759, 1695)—This day honors a few of the greatest writers of sacred music. Bach was a man of deep Lutheran faith, expressing in his music convictions rooted in Scripture. Handel was also German, but spent most of his creative life in his adopted homeland of England. He is known especially for oratorios, such as Messiah. He was buried in Westminster Abbey. Purcell spent much of his life serving at the Court chapel. He was also buried in Westminster Abbey, next to the organ.

Tuesday · July 29

Mary, Martha, and Lazarus of Bethany—The stories of this household from Bethany (a village right outside Jerusalem) are found in the gospels of Luke and John. They are portrayed as close friends and disciples of Jesus, and are remembered for their hospitality. Martha has come to symbolize the active response to faith, those who get things done, and Mary that of the contemplative. When Lazarus died, Jesus stood at his grave and openly wept. They have been described as Jesus’ “family of choice,” an example of how Jesus defined family by intentional covenant, rather than biological or legal relatedness (Matthew 12:46-50).

First Ordination of Women to the Priesthood in the Episcopal Church—The first women ordained to the priesthood in the United States were a group of eleven women, ordained in Philadelphia in 1974. They were followed by four ordained in Washington, DC, the following year. These were ruled “irregular,” as they had no authorization by the General Convention, which then “regularized” them in 1976. Today women serve in all three orders as deacons, priests, and bishops. There are still portions of the Anglican Communion which do not ordain women. In the US Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected in 2006 as the first primate (archbishop) in the Anglican Communion.

Eid al-Fitr (Ramadan ends) (Muslim feast)—At the end of Ramadan families gather on their rooftops at twilight to search the sky for the new moon. At that moment they begin a three day feast. Families visit, exchange gifts and cards, and sweets are eaten. This is a very special time for children. For many Muslims it is their favorite holiday.

Wednesday · July 30

William Wilberforce, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Lord Shaftesbury (Prophetic Witnesses, 1833, 1885)—The life of Wilberforce proved that a politician can also be moral and heroic. Born to a wealthy and influential family, he experienced an evangelical conversion shortly after entering Parliament, where he worked for overseas missions and education. As a member of the House of Commons he supported political and social reforms, most especially his long and persistent fight against slavery and the slave-trade. Slaver was finally abolished in the British empire just weeks before his death. Seven hundred thousand slaves were freed. He was buried in Westminster Abbey as a national hero. Anthony Cooper, Lord of Shaftesbury, also served in Parliament, devoting his service to issues of social reform. Like Wilberforce, he was a man of prayer and deep faith.

Thursday · July 31

Ignatius of Loyola (Priest and Monastic, 1556)—Born to a noble Spanish family Iñigo López de Loyola was injured in battle and found himself with nothing to do during his long recovery but read books on the lives of the saints. He dedicated his life to serving God following a pilgrimage and series of visions. While studying for the priesthood at the University of Paris he founded a new religious order that became the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits. The Society took special vows to extreme discipline and loyalty to the Pope. They were also committed to social action and academic study. Their members became missionaries (and frequently martyrs) in Asia, the Americas, and areas under the Protestant Reformation. Their commitment to the Gospel over national interests often provoked secular powers, as seen in The Mission, a moving film that tells the powerful story of early Jesuit work in South America. Many modern liberation theologians have come from Latin American Jesuits.

Friday · August 1

Joseph of Arimathaea—The gospels identify Joseph of Arimathaea as a secret disciple of Jesus who offered his own tomb for the burial of Jesus. Later legends associating him with the Holy Grail are certainly fiction.

Saturday · August 2 

Samuel Ferguson (Missionary Bishop for West Africa, 1916)—Born in South Carolina, Ferguson moved to Liberia with his family as a child. He became a priest, and founded many schools, influencing education throughout West Africa. His work was supported through what would later become the United Thank Offering. He became the first American born black to be ordained as bishop of Liberia, and to sit in the American House of Bishops.

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A Prayer in “The Middle Years” of Opportunity—

 Lord, help me now to unclutter my life, 

to organize myself in the direction of simplicity. Lord, teach me to listen to my heart;
teach me to welcome change,
instead of fearing it.
Lord, I give you these stirrings inside me,
I give you my discontent,
I give you my restlessness,
I give you my doubt,
I give you my despair,
I give you all the longings I hold inside.
Help me to listen to these signs of change,
of growth;
to listen seriously and follow where they lead through the breathtaking empty space
of an open door.
                                                       —Celtic Daily Prayer