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Welcome to the St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Parish website.  I hope that you find our updated website both informative and easy to navigate.
St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Parish is a welcoming Christian community which celebrates, embraces and shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with a world hungry for the Word of God in their daily lives.

The Reverend Canon Mark H. Sims

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Weekend Service Schedule

Saturday at 5 p.m., Holy Eucharist

Sunday at 8:00 a.m., Holy Eucharist Rite I

Sunday at 10:30 a.m., Holy Eucharist Rite II

Weekday Service Schedule

Wednesday at 7:30 a.m., Healing Service and Holy Communion

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Holy Days and Holidays

Sunday · October 19

Henry Martyn (Priest and Missionary to India and Persia, 1812)—Considered one of the founders of the modern Christian Church in India and Iran, Martyn lived a short but remarkable life. He went to India as an Anglican missionary, founding churches and schools. He translated the New Testament and Prayer Book into Hindi and Persian. He died in Armenia at the age of 31.

William Carey (Missionary to India, 1834)—Carey was an English Baptist missionary in India. He had a gift for languages, translating the New Testament into Bengali, Sanskrit, and several other local languages. He taught at a Christian college offering a classical education to anyone regardless of caste or national origin.

Children’s Sabbath (Interfaith Observance)—Sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund, this interfaith celebration helps faith communities renew their moral responsibility to care and advocate for all children. It is supported by Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic, Bahá’i, and Sikh organizations.

Wednesday · October22

Maura O’Halloran (Christian Zen monk, 1982)—Born in Boston and raised in Ireland, Maura felt from an early age a deep compassion for human suffering. Her concern for social justice and attraction to meditation led her to explore Eastern spirituality. She applied for admission to a Buddhist monastery in Tokyo where many Roman Catholic priests had studied Zen meditation. There she underwent intense training as a monk and was recognized for reflecting a remarkable state of enlightenment. On her return trip to Ireland she was killed in a bus accident in Thailand at the age of 27. Her short life of holiness has been compared to Therese of Lisieux, the French nun who also accomplished her spiritual purpose in this world at a young age and promptly departed.

Thursday · October 23

St. James of Jerusalem (Brother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and Martyr, c. 62)—James is traditionally believed to be a brother of Jesus who was converted after Jesus’ death, eventually becoming the first bishop of the church in Jerusalem. He was leader of a more conservative Jewish wing of the early Jesus movement that was uncomfortable with Paul’s preaching to the gentiles, however Peter helped forge a compromise between them. He is traditionally associated with the Epistle of James, a short letter that tells us much about the early church. Some of its primary concerns include the intrusion of class divisions among the believers, showing mercy toward the poor, and letting our faith be reflected in our actions.

Friday · October 24

United Nations Day (United Nations Observance)—This day marks the founding of the United Nations in 1945.

Saturday · October25

Al Hijra (Islamic Observance)—This marks the first day of the Islamic New Year, recalling the day that Muhammad and his followers migrated to the city of Medina. Just as the Western calendar is marked from the (incorrectly calculated) day of Christ’s birth and traditionally indicated as A.D. (Latin for Anno Domino, the “year of our Lord”), now more inclusively indicated as C.E. (or Common Era), the Islamic calendar begins with this day in 622. Thus, in the Islamic calendar this is now the year 1436 A.H. (after Hijra). (Begins at sunset the preceding night.)

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 Next Week's Readings 

Deuteronomy 34:1-12

1Thessalonians 2:1-8

Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17

Matthew 22:34-46


Cycle of Prayer

This week, please pray for the following—

Diocese of Southeast Florida, especially...

The Rt. Rev. Leo Frade, our bishop

St. Gregory, Boca Raton

Church of the Advent, Palm City


Anglican Communion, especially…

The Rt. Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding
   Bishop of the US

The Church in the Province of the West Indies

Diocese of Nassau and the Bahamas and Turks
   and Caicos, our companion diocese

Long Island, Bahamas: St. Athanasius
   (Deadman’s Cay), St. John (Buckley), St.
   Michael (Roses), St. Theresa (Grays)


Ministries in this parish…

Sunday School

Dr. David Kerr Park, Pastoral Associate for
   Administration & Director of Music


Ministries in the world…

American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of

missionaries and those who serve God in
   difficult places


Intercessions for…
“wounded warriors” and other veterans
   recovering from deployment
the selection of a new Bishop for our diocese


Thanksgiving for…

opportunities for generous giving

those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries

the saints and holy days remembered this week

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A Stewardship Prayer—

Christ has no hands but our hands,

To do his work today

He has no feet but our feet,

To lead others in his way

He has no tongue but our tongue,

To tell how he died.

He has no help but our help,

To bring people to his side.

O Lord help us, we pray.

Loving God, we give thanks to you
for all that you have given to us.

Help us to love you and others
that we will want to give generously
to support the work of your church
in our own parish, this diocese,
and all over the world.

                  —based on a prayer by St Teresa of Avila