St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church

Acolytes (Adult & Youth) 

Acolyte Festival 2015

YES! I would like to be an Acolyte at St. Mary Magdalene.

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Who are Acolytes?

Acolytes are the Torch Bearers and the Crucifer who process behind the Verger and flank the Gospel book during the Gospel reading. A Server completes the team and that person holds the Gospel book, and assists in preparing the Altar table at the Eucharist.

At special services additional Acolyte team members can be seen. Those are the Thurifer and the Boat. The Thurifer carries the thurible which the Priest or Bishop uses to incense areas such as the Altar table. The Boat carries the vessel that contains the incense.

Acolytes over time may be trained for all the positions. Training is offered year round.

Being an Acolyte at St. Mary Magdalene is your opportunity to give your time and talent to the church. Additionally, you get to experience the service in a whole new way!

The Acolyte team is open to all parishioners starting at age 8. As a member of an Acolyte team you will be called on to serve at least one Sunday (or Saturday) each month.

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