St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church

Adult Choir 

A welcoming group that pursues fun and musical excellence, the choir is always open to new members.  Please contact David Kerr Park if you are interested.  

Choir Rehearsals

  • Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Sunday 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Rehearsals located in the choir loft at St. Mary Magdalene Church, unless otherwise noted


The choir sings a variety of music from many places and times.  The music program includes Taize chants, world music, and classical arrangements in addition to well-known favorites.

Five Reasons to Join the Choir

C haracter

Choir helps build character.  People who sing in the choir give up some of their time to practice.  These people have real character.  (Some members in the choir are real characters!)

H ealthy.

Choir makes you healthy.  How often do you exercise your lungs?  Your lungs are important to living.  If you want to feel better and keep active, come and sing with us.

O therwise

Otherwise it won't be as much fun if you're not there.  Otherwise you'll miss an opportunity to make new friends and offer God your expressions of praise and adoration.

I nteresting

You'll sing interesting music.  You'll meet some interesting characters (see letter 'C' above.) Your interest in worship will grow.

R ewarding

You'll get more out of it than you ever put in.  It really is true, "the one who sings, prays twice!" And you don't even hvae to be a great singer... Just come out and give it a try!