St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church

My brothers and sisters in Christ: As we prepare for the inevitable weather effects of hurricane Irma I ask that you prepare yourselves, your friends and your family as the storm approaches.

Prayers have been offered for all by me at church this entire week. Your clergy will continue to pray for all, that you may be safe and spared from any harm or Ill-effects, and given the strength to endure what lays ahead. In following the guidelines of the Bishop's office, the Church has suspended all services and gatherings until Tuesday at the earliest. May God bless you in these days of challenge, and may you offer your concerns and anxieties to God who comforts and holds us even closer during these times of uncertainty.

Blessings and peace,

Fr. Mark+

Resources for Hurricane Season

Being Prepared

Important Information

Leaders of parish organizations and groups are asked to be aware of persons who may have special needs should we be without power (such as seniors, the sick and shut in, etc).